Tips on Opening a Bubble Tea Shop

So, you have a plan to get that bubble tea shop running. What you want to do know is to determine the price, shop design, supplies, product acquisition, training, and venue included as the most important elements during the launch.  

The size of the shop will be directly related to your expenses. A Bubble tea shop business plan should include all elements required in the kiosk, such as sinks and adequate spaces. It’s all about your personal choices, though.  

However, it is highly recommended that you use stainless steel for the counter spaces. Some stores may use wood, but wood does not last that long even if the start-up costs are lower. The persistent liquid condition can kill wood in five years’ time, and make it look unprofessional and shabby.  To read more about the concept of the bubble tea shops, ask the experts.   

Equipment Needed for Bubble Tea Shops   

You’ll need top-quality equipment in your tea shop. It is among the most essential elements when opening this type of business. Tea shop owners should make their store everybody’s favorite.  When it comes to the cups, you’ll need to make sure that the seal is airtight to give the right feel and look to them. That’s why you need a sealer machine. You’ll have to invest in this device as well. The use of plastic sealers is cheaper instead of using traditional lids.  

There are also shaker tools that are needed. These are used to combine tea, ice, powders, and bubbles for proper melting and mixing. To ensure that you’re giving your client a good beverage experience, make sure that they’re getting get the right amount of sugar that they want.   

Tea Brewers and Sugar Dispensing Machines   

Using such equipment will reduce employee costs and save you a lot of money.  But as a start, you may brew tea using an electric stove or gas. The tapioca pearls need to be cooked too, and that requires a pot.    

The differences between electric and gas ovens are heat efficiency and speed.  Gas stoves can heat up the tapioca and boil the water much faster than an electric stove.  But an electric stove provides a steadier heat source, simplifying the cooking of the tapioca pearls!  

Choosing Your Store Location  

Bubble Teas are now very popular in areas such as New York, LA, and Austin. However, it’s only just beginning to appear in other areas of the Midwest. But don’t be intimidated when you already see a lot of these shops in your town. It means they make money and you shouldn’t have trouble gaining market share, provided that you’re delivering superior products.   

Determine the right size of your shop because that will have a big impact on your investment.  There are tea shops with sofas and tables. There are those that are just so small they only have one counter. If it is just your first shop, start small.  Doing so will reduce the costs substantially. Your store will also look crowded, which attracts new clients. Remember all of these if you intend to buy a bubble tea franchise.